Saskatoon Flowers

It’s “Native Plant Appreciation Week“!

I’m not doing one for every day like I enjoyed doing in 2012, but we have a bunch of saskatoon in our yard and I didn’t do it before, so here you go:

boob and saskatoon flowers

Hard to see, but the saskatoon flowers are WHITE BEHIND ME! Hahaha.

Here’s a closer look:

saskatoon flowers

They make berries.

Delia taught me to see this plant. I had only heard my mom refer to it as serviceberry and I didn’t retain any idea of what it looked like even though I’m sure she’d pointed it out.


We’ll close out (Nude) Native Plant Appreciation Week with our state flower, the Rhododendron:


NEXT TO A BIG ROCK! Note: there are pictures of me on squatting atop and peeing all over this rock in my members-only area:


Aren’t women just ADORABLE?!?:

The fact that women in Washington state (along with the rest of America) had no legal right to vote didn’t stop them from organizing a statewide election in 1892 to select the Washington state flower.

I can’t believe they were considering bringing clover to try to impress people in Chicago! If I were there I’d have voted for Devil’s Club. Well, first I’d have voted for getting to vote for real, but barring the success of that reprioritizing of the agenda I’d have campaigned for Devil’s Club. I wish I’d have closed this week out with Devil’s Club, especially with it being a full moon in fucking SCORPIO!


It’s not flower time yet, but when it is, this one will be pink:


Anyhoo, the presence of Rhododendrons next to huge fir trees in the woods splashes this weird magical tropical feeling into our forests that I don’t think is communicated very well to people who haven’t spent time in Western Washington. Maybe reading that “approximately 90% of the world’s rhododendrons are found in southeastern Asia” (see link above) helps conjure up that more stereotypical-paradise feeling than what (I imagine) people imagine when they think of being near the big-tree parts of Washington state.

They get tall (way taller than the one I’m standing next to in the pictures) and lanky and with the ferns and the moss and the giantness of things you get to feel connected to layers of living things that are old and multiply in strange-feeling primitive ways, like with spores and stuff! It is dense with richness and fiercely gentle oh gag did I really just type that. I don’t know how to describe how much I love where I keep getting to live my life, and how fucking EXOTIC it is, like a picture book about what it was like when dinosaurs roamed the earth . . . but without the dinosaurs. Pretty. Fucking. Convenient, right?

Fairy Slipper Orchid

Sixth day of (Nude) Native Plant Appreciation week: these are little local orchids:


Calypso bulbosa, as Delia calls it, is in need of conservation. What little of it is left with places to grow is picked or trampled on by an abundance of stupid people and their hordes of dogs and stuff like that:


The point of this post is to tell you not to take some good shit for granted. A lot of nice stuff needs help and appreciation, like blog comments and joins from more than three or four of the same people every time if you want to see it stick around or you want more of it or to see it up-close and naked and smiling and stuff like that. Especially if it has a headache. Fortunately it’s in good company with World’s Most Beautiful Woman.


Last night we watched Madonna: Truth or Dare for the first time in YEARS; remember how she totally didn’t shoot herself in the head or act like she wasn’t awesome or CRY or even APOLOGIZE/act all guilty and sorry in the “documentary” for having to cancel shows when she had a sore throat and stayed home for weeks?

I’m so glad I don’t have someone who doesn’t even remember fingerbanging me begging me to be the godmother of her unborn baby. I need to remember that nobody is required to be gracious to Kevin Costner sporting a mullet calling your work “neat”. The awesome thing to do is be all Bette Davis bitchy-as-Margo-Channing to his ass. Also? You never stop wanting to be worshiped. And when you’re rich you actually have MORE technical problems to go with your MORENESS in general. So thanks for helping me in my midlife crisis, Madonna, and for so much more. Between you, Mr. Rogers and Larry Flynt I’ve been blessed with an abundance of inspiration and role-modelry.

Anyway, I can’t be trampling the ladyslippers to try to put my arm around them naked, but next time I’ll try to shoot them with the fancy camera.

When I turn forty I’m going to stop apologizing for stupid shit and begin living entirely guilt-free. Starting to practice . . . NOW!!

5 Trilliums

An abundance of Trillium: FIVE flowers for the FIFTH day of (Nude) Native Plant Appreciation Week:


Naked natural lady Tasty Trixie by the Quintet of Trilliums

Speaking of Trillium, here’s a better photo I took of a couple (originally posted in this entry about our dog’s last day alive).

CAN YOU IDENTIFY THE OTHER PLANT DOMINATING THIS PHOTO THAT IS NATIVE TO WASHINGTON ? I have no prize to give you if you can, I’m just curious how many of you know what it is. I think it’s an easy one, but maybe only the *kind* of plant is something people from outside the Pacific Northwest know offhand . . .


Other than that I’m having lingering headache problems. And by “lingering”, I mean about three weeks straight. It feels like the main cause with this bout is stiff shoulder and neck and jaw muscles. If my eyelids, eyebrows, and temples have muscles, then them too.

People seem very interested in discussing headaches and curious about each other’s (I am too) so it would be cool if I could write more posts or make a small site about it. For now I’m getting backing away from the computer, though.

Flowering Red Currant

Day Four of (Nude) Native Plant Appreciation Week maybe should have been Day One, because I think Delia told me it’s like the first thing to bud and flower around here in the spring:

Buds opening up on Red-Flowering Currant

Buds opening up on Red-Flowering Currant

I took these close-ups of one in our yard back on March 8th:

First Flowering of Spring

First Flowering of Spring

More than a month later (so naturally in full bloom by then), but I still couldn’t even believe that this big bushy one closer to the water is the same kind of plant:


Delia said it’s the same thing, but the conditions in this spot here (not our yard) just happen to be ideal for it:


A chat I just had with Delia:

Trixie: do you call it a red-flowering currant orĀ  a flowering red currant?
Trixie: YOU, I mean, what do YOU call it?
Delia: ribes sanguinium
Trixie: lol – I love you
Trixie: okay, and then when you say its common name, what do you call it?
Delia: flowering red currant i think
Trixie: that’s what I thought . . . thanks!
Delia: but that doesn’t really make sense . . . the flower is red not the currant


Thanks for stopping by my blog to appreciate the plants!

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