Delia made an “emergency” trip home yesterday because of this:

ovulation testing


The day before (test strips 1 & 2) I had the thick clear egg-white-like goo, but I drank a lot of water so maybe the tests looked blank because of that. Then yesterday I had pinchy cramps on my left side and stuff.


Cum Preservation

Because of my tipped uterus & the way my cervix points up, this position actually isn’t good for me to try to conceive (having hips THIS elevated actually isn’t optimal for anybody), but I did it just for fun and because it felt good after already spending a long time in other positions trying to bathe my cervix in semen.


dimly lit creampie

The other (optimal) positions were: on all fours (with Delia continuing to fuck me from behind for a long time after she came), on my belly, on my belly with a pillow under my hips.



She wants to do it again today. It’s pretty interesting, her getting more testosterone back after this many years blocking it.


We’re having a super happy time today. We slept, we stretched, we prayed, we planned, we’ve done some work and we’ll do some more. We’re listening to jazzy Christmas tunes while I do dishes and she cooks scrambled eggs and bacon for lunch. It’s raining and after we eat we’re going to go run around in the shadowy wet winter woods.

5 Trilliums

An abundance of Trillium: FIVE flowers for the FIFTH day of (Nude) Native Plant Appreciation Week:


Naked natural lady Tasty Trixie by the Quintet of Trilliums

Speaking of Trillium, here’s a better photo I took of a couple (originally posted in this entry about our dog’s last day alive).

CAN YOU IDENTIFY THE OTHER PLANT DOMINATING THIS PHOTO THAT IS NATIVE TO WASHINGTON ? I have no prize to give you if you can, I’m just curious how many of you know what it is. I think it’s an easy one, but maybe only the *kind* of plant is something people from outside the Pacific Northwest know offhand . . .


Other than that I’m having lingering headache problems. And by “lingering”, I mean about three weeks straight. It feels like the main cause with this bout is stiff shoulder and neck and jaw muscles. If my eyelids, eyebrows, and temples have muscles, then them too.

People seem very interested in discussing headaches and curious about each other’s (I am too) so it would be cool if I could write more posts or make a small site about it. For now I’m getting backing away from the computer, though.

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