Spicy Granny Porn

Chewing on sweet stale candy last night, inspired to incorporate it in the weird granny porn I want to make:

Like what ARE these #flavors anyway? Gladiola licorice? Wax museum clitty? Uncle Monty’s after-shave-soaked balls strangled in a bolo tie? I looked it up and found them described here:

Spice drops candy is the nostalgic, candy-shop classics! Spice drops satisfy your craving for true spice flavor and old-fashioned, chewy goodness. The colorful gumdrops boast soft centers with spicy flavors of anise, cinnamon, clove, sassafras, peppermint and spearmint—each sprinkled with sugar for a sweet taste of yesterday.

As a kid I thought these were repellent, but lately I’ve had a hankering for them. I find what must be the clove especially compelling, and as you know I’ve developed a taste for anise in my sexual maturity.

Spice drops seem like holiday candy ... maybe that explains my craving.

Spice drops seem like holiday candy … maybe that explains my craving.

Somebody on Yahoo Answers described spice drop flavors in less complimentary terms:

…stop eating spice drops. You could eat old bathroom potpourri and get the same flavors. If all you have ever known for candy is spice drops, start out with a starburst. It will really knock you on your ***. It tastes like something other than a piece of tree bark that died alone in a subway car after a night of regret. If you like spice drops, then good luck with all of the radio shows you listen to and I hope you enjoy your nickelodeons.

When the young man finally takes a spice drop from her glass swan candy bowl, you know he’s lost to the silver side of the glitter mumu.

On a related note, how did you feel about Mrs. Roper in Three’s Company? I felt like Mr. Roper was mean to her, soured her on life and never gave her a chance to sparkle.

mrs roper

I didn’t understand the “nag” hag caricature they were trying to portray (or whatever they were doing; it’s been a long time since I watched it so I’m not sure). Looking at images of her now I see what my attraction was to her.

All Night Beaver

I stayed up all night working, loving being able to swear and scream in frustration at three in the morning with nobody in the house / my workplace to disturb or distress.

touching my beaver

I need that. ALL NIGHT. Loooooooong uninterrupted invisible stretches to finally see progress and the way things are falling into place. Normal-people schedules don’t work for me; as soon as I finally start to really get into gear, then it’s time to stop. I’m done with that bullshit. How many years do I have to say that before I hear myself and believe it?

hairy little biscuit

For a hot and fast dinner at six-ish in the morning I got a sausage McGriddle and decaf and a plain sausage biscuit that I brought home to eat in bed.

furry slit

And then I couldn’t go to sleep without masturbating. Morning, mid-day, before sleep.


clit hood

I’m excited to see what I’ll accomplish alone in the next few days before Delia and I spend Christmas together.

Merriment with Santa!

greeting Santa in modest white nightgown


Leggy on Santa's lap

flashing my beaver at Santa

Spreading my legs for Santa

Santa licks my nipple

split tail spread by Santa

squeezed & fondled by Santa

JOIN NOW for the full-sized gallery! Almost 150 photos & video to come :)

Many many thanks to my wife, DeliaTS, for getting everything ready for this shoot (and taking the pictures, of course) and to our new bearded friend, Goat (and his pipes and suspenders and jolly goodwill) who is an even more perfect Pacific Northwestern version of Santa than I could have dreamed up. This is honestly one of my favorite things we’ve ever done for my site, making this shoot a better present than I hoped for or could have bought myself for holiday-time!

Delia’s Golden Nightgown

Yesterday we made some very pretty MILF/wife/m0mmy porn:

Tranny MILF Delia in golden lace-trim nightgown

VS lacie thong, lace-trimmed nightgown & lace-top thigh highs

She left the gown and VS Lacie thong here so . . . I put them on tonight so I could see what they feel like:

I got really carried away talking during the video we made after the picture set . . . I think our fans will like it as much as I did.

MILF Delia's femrod juts out of slit in nightgown

JOIN NOW to see Delia’s femrod jutting out of nightgown slit AND ALL OF HER VIDEOS!


Pretty Nightgown Morning Shoot

I woke up at seven (unusually early for us) so we could shoot some pictures of me in a certain spot before the sun became too harsh and blinding, but it was already too late by the time I got ready.


I have some pretty nightgowns from Nugget I still haven’t shot in, and totally want to be able to wear (and fuck in them):


We decided to abandon the spot I wanted to shoot in, and settled into a spot with more even light. I also wore these see-through white panties . . . and peed in them for an HD video:


This is where we originally planned to shoot (look at my belly dimple!):


I liked the way the weathered wood looks with the white daisies, but I’m glad it didn’t work out because where we wound up (outside of the cabin again) was prettier and more versatile.


Sorry I didn’t shoot or post a nudie pic yesterday. I just put something up (me in thigh high socks, and otherwise naked) to fill yesterday’s slot.

Since I started getting naked online in the year 2000, my weight has ranged between around 103 pounds and now somewhere over 135 pounds (I’m only guessing; we don’t have a scale . . . it’s possible I’m closer to 140 which is a lot for my short-and-small frame). During that entire time I have always loved looking at my legs. Of course it helps that Delia‘s been my photographer for most of those years and knows how to make me look taller and obeys my commands! 😉 Looking at the pictures she took of me today or those ones from last year or ones from when I was skinny and going to Pilates . . . I love all of the shapes. I’m very aroused and enchanted by legs and legwear, so I’m especially grateful for the way my legs are built.

From today:


From just over a month ago:


I looked for some skinny-leg pics from a decade ago to put up here for comparison, but then I got sucked into looking at old pictures and videos of us which stirred up a variety of observations, memories and epiphanies. One of them being that my legs were almost too fucking skinny and my body looked too small for my head.

Holy fuck, skinny me in 2002:



I took my short chubby forty year-old self down to the food cart today and felt more attractive and sexy than I would have ten years ago. And I will be happy but NOT surprised if I feel more attractive and healthy in twenty years at sixty than I do right now.

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