Longing for Fancy Panties Nudie

Been salivating over sheer panties for more fucking-in-panties shoots. Now that we have the HD camcorder it’s EVEN HOTTER.

In this picture I’m staring at these lavender high-waist see-through briefs, imagining wearing them with my 100% nylon lavender stockings, rubbing against Delia wearing this pair of retro-styled briefs and tangerine nylons.


Looking at this photo, it may be hard to believe but(t) I wear a MEDIUM size in panties. If, you know, you were thinking about picking out a pair for me and/or Delia (she’s a medium too) if that kind of thing turns you on like it does these people.

There are also more affordable selections, like a pink pair and an aqua pair I’d also like to see us wearing in a shoot against each other. SWOON.


That’s the candiest thing I have to offer for today which was mostly filled with managerial / organizational stuff for me.

Panties Down: Nudie Pic of the Day

In the cabin loft where we now have a webcam thanks to H. Rugaru (formerly known as “The Hunter”) who also shot this pic right before we fucked:


Rear view of me naked except for panties down around my legs.

He wants me to keep the creampie pics from this sex session private. For today, at least. 😉


Starting today, the first Monday of 2012, I’m trying again to diligently log the number of hours I work along with formulating very specific all-day schedules and to-do lists. With three of us living and working together I need to have very good plans so that I know what I’m doing . . . and can communicate that to Delia and Hunter. I want to be doing my best every day to contribute and be healthy.

In case you’re wondering, fucking was NOT on my schedule for today (he was originally just up there to take pics of me naked!), but I still counted it as work because you could have been watching it on our spycams. It’s not a performance, but it is live content for our members. 😉 Note: I wouldn’t have counted staying in bed all day and lazily off-and-on-fucking, though, as hours worked.

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