Wet & a Little Curly

Spring is really here with massively dreamy warmth like I don’t associate with April, and Delia‘s back home for tiny bit of time so we took a walk/run in the woods together, went to the carwash and vacuumed out the car, went to our storage unit to pull an old monitor out that we need again, filled up the gas tank . . . and we fucked to make everything even more perfect!

unshaven armpits nude

wet hairy bush

I feel slow progress being made as I keep stripping away the unnecessary bullshit to rebuild and fortify the foundations. I try not to be so afraid of everything, and to try to trust what I’ve learned along the way and put it into PRACTICE. Every day.

Everything smells so good and feels like magic today!

Saskatoon Flowers

It’s “Native Plant Appreciation Week“!

I’m not doing one for every day like I enjoyed doing in 2012, but we have a bunch of saskatoon in our yard and I didn’t do it before, so here you go:

boob and saskatoon flowers

Hard to see, but the saskatoon flowers are WHITE BEHIND ME! Hahaha.

Here’s a closer look:

saskatoon flowers

They make berries.

Delia taught me to see this plant. I had only heard my mom refer to it as serviceberry and I didn’t retain any idea of what it looked like even though I’m sure she’d pointed it out.

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