Failure to Post

So you know how I mentioned that Taurus’ girlfriend (I feel like I should call her his wife) was coming over? And then I haven’t said anything about it here since?

When I don’t post about somebody or something, it doesn’t mean I have nothing to say, or that somebody or something that happened wasn’t/isn’t special or interesting or awesome. It usually means I haven’t had time to do somebody or something justice or something got complicated or more loaded with details and I want to unroll it in a sensible and sensitive manner, or I’m afraid someone will read it and feel bad or left out. Or I just don’t even know what to call somebody. Like Taurus’ woman/wife/girlfriend. So sometimes I never even get around to saying anything at all.

She and he are coming over Thursday night. I don’t think it (whatever “it” is) will be on the spycams. But I think it’s going to be good. And special. :)


Over the past few years, more than one wife (including my own) has been extremely generous and loving and open to me, and brave and optimistic and doggedly-determined to do all kinds of work to insure their partners have as much love and security and happiness as possible. They are a powerful wonder to me, and a privilege I have never deserved.

Women are such fierce lovers, they bowl me over. It’s as hard for me to talk about how I feel about them as it is hard for me to talk about how I feel about “God”. Because, you know, that’s who they are.

Strawberry Shortcake in November

Mornings in bed with Delia have become pretty precious. We started this one out cuddling, with her spooning me and playing with my boobs.

It was a beautiful morning, but we kept the blinds closed to fuck, easing into the day gently.

Lazy Sunday sex music selection

Putting on some music. One of my orgasms happened at the end of the climax / crescendo of Silversun Pickups’ “Lazy Eye”. I need to make more sex playlists.

My cunt smelled like sweaty feet and iron. We both had bad breath. I came so fucking hard. Twice.

Secret cave created by our bodies together.

Secret cave created by our bodies together.

tastytrixie naked sex pic

Happy blurry November morning sex glow.


I’ve been more social than usual over the past week and haven’t had a day/night alone during that time: too long for me to go without solitude, but I still felt glum when Delia left tonight to head back to our Seattle studio. She’s excited to set up her new computer that she needs for editing videos.

My plan for the weekend is to work my brains off without interruptions and probably not talk to anybody. I’m looking forward to it.

Apparently people with my kind of brain do better with immediate rewards or consequences. My reward for posting this blog entry is I get to masturbate to the video Taurus and his girlfriend made on her birthday of her playing with her new vibrator. :)

In Taurus’ Bed

After a beautiful & intense fuck & orgasms:


But actually now, at the moment, on his couch unable to sleep & don’t want to keep him awake & know if I drive home in the middle of the night it will be GAH.

Even after pages of words, I know it was not sufficient & it makes me want to burn them because they’re probably not even what he needs to hear most.

What comes out of my mouth sometimes makes me want to take a vow of silence. But the insane fit of laughter I had at the thought of seducing his girlfriend while he’s otherwise occupied & gone would only have sounded more evil then.

Note: events & people not accurately portrayed by this post. Except for the first line.

Five (of the) Different Dicks

From some preview pics I posted tonight for members from a handful of some of the videos I have in my stash that nobody’s seen (yet):

Trixie loves DICK

JOIN to support & come on my autobiographical porn journey AND get access to my wife’s award-winning site:!

Over the past couple of years I haven’t posted as much, but I’ve had sex with more people and learned a lot (more) about the kind of porn I want to make and be in (if I’m going to be in it with other people) and the direction(s) I want my site(s) to go.

A lot of this stuff has felt like an experiment in discovering how to balance having the best REAL sex possible (and sometimes relationships, and sometimes romantic relationships) while also making the best autobiographical (and/or just fun/interesting) porn . . . and living the healthiest life. And where to compromise . . . and when not to.

I still don’t have ALL of the answers, but what I do have has been worth getting. And I believe will be worth sharing. Eventually.

I’m still learning stuff, which is probably why I still love my job(s) and want to keep doing (most of/too many of) them.


Going downstairs now to shoot Delia’s mildly-Halloween-themed picture set and HD video.

In Taurus’ Bed


Spending the night at someone else’s house often means … well, it doesn’t often mean anything because it doesn’t often happen.

I think that / last night was only the third night I’ve slept over at someone else’s / a love interest’s home in the past twelve years / since Delia & I moved in together.

I just told Taurus this information, that last night here at his house was only my third time in over ten years … and he invited me to stay again tonight for my fourth.

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