Unshaved Summer Shoot

Yay! Delia just shot an HD video and set of pictures of me naked in the backyard, showing off my hairy bush and armpits.


my unshaved armpits, topless

The light was great (though hard to work with on her way down) and dry-summery, and Delia used it to really highlight my blue eyes.

It was fun to shoot something that wasn’t reliant on fetishizing clothes; as you know we *love* the details of panties, blouses, skirts, nightgowns, nylons, socks, and more, but then we feel like we have to get EVERY IMPORTANT SHOT OF EVERY SEXY DETAIL of the striptease and the feminine fetish garments that it takes forever and there’s always some disappointment that we missed an opportunity for a close-up of something, or an erotic moment of a certain stage of half-dress that it’s kind of . . . arduous. This shoot was a fun break from all of that, just focusing on my naked self outside, and the hair fetish.

Hourglass of Heat

After I got out of the shower, crazy giant X or hourglass appears to be clawed into my skin:


Exciting, eh?


But not nearly as exciting as this from today:

or the sex Delia and I had last night or the night before:

Sorry my post title sounds WAY hotter than these pics . . . what image is conjured up by “hourglass of heat” for you? I’m not sure what it is for me, but it sounds really tense and sexy . . .

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