Nightvision Handycam Back

Now that winter is over and sunlight is pouring into our downstairs, Delia moved our bed (just a mattress) back upstairs to our sleeping alcove and set the nightshot handycam back up for our members:

Trixie's boob in handycam flipscreen

This handycam has served us well for over a decade


reading in bed naked

Bloop! Reading naked in bed

Topless in bed, reading

JOIN to catch us at home on our voyeur cams :)

Yeah, I actually only took my clothes off specifically to make these nudie pics of the day . . . otherwise I like my torso to be snug and cozy while I’m reading . . . unless it’s a really warm summer day.

ChatRoulette, circa early 2010

I just stumbled upon a folder of screen caps I made back when CR was new-ish. My text is the blue YOU:

Click it.

The other "game of life"

I think ChatRoulette was(is?) one of the coolest things to ever happen on the internet, like it had the feeling of the year 2000 with all of the speed of 2010 and none of the heavy-laden micromanaged over-designed over-manipulated draw-one-step-out-into-twelve bullshit of now.

I have a bunch of other screen caps because I think I was going to blog in depth about the weirdness of experiencing “MILF” when I wasn’t presenting myself as porn. And stuff about being kind / making human connections. And stuff about encouraging young flexible men to suck themselves and/or jerk off with their friends. And stuff about being “American”, and not.

The best thing I learned on Chat Roulette is that I was actually right to hate some of the people I went to high school and college with.

So is CR pretty much dead now? I haven’t played in “forever”. Probably because I wouldn’t let myself until I wrote those blog entries and then I never wrote them and now all the fun is over.


Head-Protected Nudie Pic of the Day

The story(ies) behind this helmet are precious. Thanks to Lightning Allie, H. Rugaru and DeliaTS. I may always wear a helmet to do stuff like take out the garbage, play playstation, and drive around.


Playstation 3 controller, helmet, and my pussy

Maybe we’ll tell you more about it one of these days.

Wearing helmet at home on our spycams

Wearing helmet at home with hands down my pants on our spycams

More Creampie Nudie Pics

Hunter (formerly known as “The Hunter”) Rugaru came up to the loft to cuddle and kiss me this morning and one thing led to another. Pretty sure the whole neighborhood can hear me coming when we do it up there especially since the window needs to be open or it gets too hot.


My hairy pussy after I came but before he did.

We’re working on figuring out the best way to get a spycam up there so you can see the action (but you can still see most everything that happens in our bedroom, like when Hunter and Delia were in there together last night). We need to 1) construct a sturdy shelf and 2) put up some twinkle lights or something.


About to stick H. Rugaru's cock back into my pussy.

There’s a little video I might post later showing more of this:


Shiny white man-cum in my furry slit.

Anyhoo . . . Delia and I have members-only chat (2pm pacific) and camshows today: mine’s at 4 pacific and hers is at 5 pacific.

Delayed Answer re: Sex on Cam

To the guy (hi, ItBiMe!) who asked when he could see Delia and I fucking on cam:

Last night at about 3 am.

The lights were on, too, so if you didn’t see it it’s because you weren’t watching.

I had a soft, delicious orgasm that reminded me of naked shellfish. I almost had another one when Delia came, but I’m so out of shape that I couldn’t work all of my muscles the right way to squeeze it into existence.

Since Delia did a bunch of webcam shows yesterday I didn’t wind up with a huge load dripping out of me. Just enough to make me feel slick and salty and slippery without having a wet spot to endure.

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