It Might Snow

I started using an app called Raise the Bar. One of my goals is to be active outside at least a measly ten times a month for a productively invigorating period of time, so I took a cold run/walk at 4ish:

beginning of winter walk with waxing moon

path up hill

maple leaf frozen in puddle


As I got to the point I started worrying that I’d have to climb over these rocks to make it to the beach and sunset around the corner. I really didn’t feel like climbing on the rocks. But I told myself to stop worrying about it — stop trying to make a plan, stop preparing myself for disappointment, stop preparing myself to turn around too soon — and just keep walking and not think about it. Because it’s not a very big deal to just turn around when it becomes fucking clear you want to turn around. I don’t need to constantly assess and imagine what’s ahead.

beach sunset strait of juan de fuca

I was going to try to cam tonight but I think I should go to sleep earlier-ish instead. I keep feeling like I’m coming down with a cold.

western washington winter temperatures

Our skies are usually clearer, but colder here in PT.

2014-12-30 19.10.01

Merriment with Santa!

greeting Santa in modest white nightgown


Leggy on Santa's lap

flashing my beaver at Santa

Spreading my legs for Santa

Santa licks my nipple

split tail spread by Santa

squeezed & fondled by Santa

JOIN NOW for the full-sized gallery! Almost 150 photos & video to come :)

Many many thanks to my wife, DeliaTS, for getting everything ready for this shoot (and taking the pictures, of course) and to our new bearded friend, Goat (and his pipes and suspenders and jolly goodwill) who is an even more perfect Pacific Northwestern version of Santa than I could have dreamed up. This is honestly one of my favorite things we’ve ever done for my site, making this shoot a better present than I hoped for or could have bought myself for holiday-time!

Invisible Snow

It’s been snowing for the past couple of hours, but cameras can’t see it properly.

Looking outside at the snow

Yes. I can see it with my eyes; it’s still snowing outside.

Trixie topless outside in invisible snow

I can certainly FEEL the snow & heavy wet chilled air.

NOTE: those are huge boxer shorts I’m wearing under my cozy pants, NOT diapers, as you may be wondering after reading this post. Gah! I’m not peeing THAT much!

So glad we’re getting precipitation in all kinds of forms to help make up for the drought. This is the kind of snow I grew up with in C________. Non-stick heavy wet slush most of the time. Here in P___ T______ the snow is usually drier. This here today is funny stuff.

I’m just happy the days are getting longer. REALLY happy! And my cold is getting better (again). And tomorrow I’m going to get some B Vitamin and Magnesium shots. And stay on top of them this time! For real. And maybe my period will start. It’s late because I haven’t fucked and exercised enough over the past month. Boooooo, Trixie.

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